We May Fall – Sydney Post Hardcore Metal Band

We May Fall

Hardcore/Metalcore from Sydney

We May Fall are a post hardcore band from Sydney. Their Album “the light bearer and the shadow maker” Is diverse as much it is experimented with. Music of this calibre is definitely setting up the band for greater things. Released in late 2017 is a credit to themselves for offering effort in to providing you with a complete solid album.

Working with featured artists throughout the album it offers collaboration and diverse song writing at its finest inside the Post Hardcore/Metalcore spectrum.

Upcoming March 2018 Tour

The first song of the album, The light bearer, offers immense energy, Starting with a mellow intro, it smashes into the groove with a rolling double kick at the start. It certainly got my head nodding. To change it up they add some sporadically yet timed perfectly, heavy rhythm sections to keep it unique. As the song progresses and rolling you in the groove, synths with beautiful notes are laid over the tracks. Wow! I just gave my self goosebumps! And when you think the song couldn’t get any better.

They top it off with beautiful harmonious synth and a snippet of Oppenheimer (the guy that ran the Manhattan project) then get you rolling up to speed again just to gently chill you the $#%^ out. This pretty much sets up the whole album. Full of beautifully timed percussion, dropped tuning and screaming and growling vocals. For most of the songs any way, as the collaboration of singers and JJ steady the mood with beautifully sung melodies in some songs.  


Nate Toussaint, Alex Reade and Tanith Nair make appearances on the album and offer their own unique sound of creativity giving the listener variance in song goodness. Another favourite track off the album is Again. I just love it and the way it sounds, engineered and pumps!! The singing is diverse, JJ Brady screams, belches and growls. His vocals (dare I say it) has a hint of Chester Bennington in their somewhere. The rhythms in the song is intriguing, right off the bat it grabs you and kicks you in the arse of groove goodness and with the lyrics “I can hear their voices” gets me thinking this band has been around from other bands in the early days of hardcore in Sydney. Definitely check this song out if you like smashing things up.


The entire album was produced and engineered by T-bones, and the band. If you’re wondering about the synthesisers effects over some of the songs you’ve got T-Bones again to thank for that. Guitarist, producer, synth genius. Guitars are in drop G and compliments the sound with big bass and deep rhythm sections.

Now, I was trying to pin the influences behind the drumming style of Matt! I’m so happy he told me he used to be a guitarist before playing drums. This pretty much explained every difference in his unique rhythm to me. There are some beats where guitar timing is influencing the groove of Matt. When you think you’re going to hear a snare. It sounds almost like he wants to leave it out for your imagination. That’s how it sounded to me anyway, Solid and unpredictable!

We May Fall are:

Tye “T-Bones” Pennington - Guitars/Synth

Mathew “Deez” De Gregorio - Drums

JJ Brady - Vocals

Rudy “Leader” Misek - Guitars

Stewart “Disco” Harris - Bass

Produced, mixed and mastered by - Tye “T-Bones” Pennington and We May Fall

Some band members being early pioneers of this genre of music, We May Fall have drawn influences from the early Sydney Hardcore scene. Incredible album from a fully independent band during the whole process. Their followers multiplying quickly is testament they have produced and released an amazing sound and band with unpredictable qualities. I great package of talent ready to be taken to the next stage in their music careers.

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