We added Press Kits to Promote Music

Responsive Band Promotion FLYer.

We are introducing press kits. Another FREE promotional tool for artists and their fans to spread music across cyber space. If you like any band, artist, song or gig and share it, these promotional Press Kits will be sent containing the discography of the artist with their gigs and music for your friends to see what you’ve shared.

Up the interactive Music trend.

Sharing these Press Kits also helps the artist up the trend! So the more you share, the more your favourite artist gets played and discovered on the interactive charts for your location and country.


By word of mouth.

A mobile Screenshot of the same artist FLYer.

Be part of assisting good music you love and enjoy. The more you interact with StreamHear the more you help undiscovered artists be found. Be part of something greater and have your say in who’s popular in music. Join the music community who cares about their home

grown artists by sharing their profiles. Finally, have your say in making a band become popular and broadcast more across the world.

Discover your favourite band or artist and share them to all your friends. Connect with them and let them know you support their careers in music.

Artists can use the link too.

Artists can also share their own profiles with Press Kits. Thus, assisting their own music up the interactive trend. Be awarded for promoting more! The more you  share this Press Kit the more your music is broadcast. Fans of your music can tune in from any country to listen to your music. Let them know you are here by sharing your artist Press Kit. 


Please tell us some feedback about this new feature. Thanks for reading.

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