Upon A Falling Empire, Strategies, Machine Gun The Poor – Gold Coast Metal Bands

When you google "Gold Coast Metal" its safe to assume a massive list of south east coast metal bands would appear before your eyes.

Instead you receive a list of metal suppliers. So we've decided to help the search criteria by informing you about three metal bands that have uploaded to Streamhear.


16423140_1376210462442970_8241313849732457974_oUpon A Falling Empire. A 5 piece band gigging around the East Coast of Queensland Aust. Keep an eye out as they support local festivals like Rockin for West Papua and Flatline. It won't be too hard to find them around town.

You can check them out at Upon A falling Empire. Be sure to buy some music here.


14199705_628119867359283_3658738027075577851_nAnother band gaining roots around the area is Strategies. Gaining momentum and regularly doing gigs with other local bands why not check out their song "Pavement" by hitting the image. The band are also sharing their songs via Streamhear. And they offer a free download from Bandcamp here.


It takes all types to make local music and  a massively anti religious group known as Machinegun the Poor have also uploaded and you can easily find them by searching in Gold Coast QLD using the App. 150909_474977922549171_1629057895_nUploading more than an EP worth of material on Streamhear. you can definitely hear their influences from Slayer and Pantera.


Great to see all these bands hooking up, supporting each other and bringing the Metal scene together in south East QLD. Check their events pages. Buy their music. Discover Local Music Scenes.




A guy giving a shit about his metal is Metal Faction. He organises shows. Works with the bands and puts them first. Currently bringing bands like the ones above together at regular gigs around the area. why not check out  Decepticore on the 25th of Feb 17. With massive interstate bands travelling the long distances don't expect the tickets to last long.

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