The Trouble Notes – Live Street Music

Busking on the streets as usual.

A band I have been talking to is The Trouble Notes. Heralding from Berlin in Germany, these lads are serious about busking and touring, playing their own style of energetic violin and beats. With a gypsy sound and drawing influences from their travels and surroundings.

They are

Bennet Cerven (Violin/Vocals)

Florian Eisenschmidt (Guitar)

Oliver Maguire (Percussion)

Touring since 2013. They’re preparing for a massive year in 2018. Travelling through Europe, UK and America then amazingly hitting the shores of Australia in 2019 (maybe). Now, these guys are drawing a crowd whilst their videos are going a little viral. Sharing the brilliant talents of Bennet, their violinist, the crowds are in awe of the incredible talent this man possesses. Obviously, professionally taught from most aspects of an orchestra, he brings a vibrant showmanship for you to be drawn to the violin and the technical attributes he brings. You just need to witness the array of mobile phones glued on this bloke in one of their vids.

LP Album - Lose Your Ties

A gypsy sound

But with all great bands, it takes a special commitment of connection between the music makers. Oliver shows a great understanding of beats. Technical knowledge of production with drum and base or some London influenced dance background I can’t put my finger on it. But it’s something like that. I just get the sense he knows this beat making and percussionist side of the industry.


Although the violin is prominent across all tracks we shouldn’t forget the guitarist. Florian has a rock technique which can draw the tempo back and forth through smashing the strings in a vibrant rhythm technique then can subtly draw it back with beautiful interludes, intros and outros. This guitar style praises and compliments the music with the nylon string guitar sound. This introduces the “gypsy rock” sound the trouble notes are recognised for. I have a feeling the Oliver and Florian assist greatly in the structures, changes and pace of the songs whilst Bennet cuts sick with a lead singing violin to tell the story. Which it does amazingly.



The love for Busking

Working non stop around the clock chasing an income in music and paving the streets with crazy goodness, like all bands, they need our support and hand up. How many times have we heard a touring band getting their touring van broken into? Although sad, I personally think it’s awesome a band is willing enough to back themselves to purchase and pay off their own touring van from the money they make on the road. It’s their home, their lifestyle and they also carry thousands worth of equipment with them to show you a good time and share their amazing tunes. So if anyone appreciates the efforts it’s takes for buskers and touring bands alike to turn up in your area and perform for you. You would also think it sucks that their van, their home, their lifestyle get smashed and broken into from your local town or suburb. So if you know the Trouble Notes and want to support them from your hometown be sure to check their gofundme campaign to help assist your local legends.

Community connection through music

The Trouble Notes are in touch with their community and why they’re gaining a strong following of admirers. Their music (without lyrics) still tell the story of the times and why I’m liking this band. Every person, location or experience tells a story and these gentlemen are connected to it and explain through song. If you want goosebumps or to be taken back to an experience in life or want some inspiration to do something. These guys bring that. It’s astonishing to see the trouble notes have come together because of a classical violist was not happy playing in the orchestra. Listening to his true feelings Bennet has put together the finest, modern music for today's era and streets. If you’re wanting something different? Which in most cases we all do. Buy their albums or catch their street performances. Hopefully, for all of us, they’ll be sharing more of their fine gypsy and rock style of tunes.

Be a local, discover local music. Take it from these guys! Got comments or seen them touring on the streets around you.? Share this review or let us know through comments.

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