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When it comes to music, there's nothing more Aussie (in the contemporary sense of the word) than yob rock, and I've yet to hear a band that encapsulates that genre better than Adelaide outfit 'The Toss.' They're footy, beer and pies for your ear-holes. They're VB and Winnie Reds in musical form. This is no frills, tongue in cheek punk rock at its sweaty and gritty "fuck what everyone else thinks" finest.

As with many of the great bands that have recently made their way onto my playlists, I discovered these guys while trawling through Streamhear looking for artists to get behind. I knew I'd hit gold when I cranked up "Hang up yer Boots", which hilariously tells the tale of a football star on the cusp of retirement, and the bleak reality of his post-career options- " ain't gonna join the commentary team like fuckin' Barry Hall. Find you selling supplements at your local shopping mall." I guess if you were drafted to the AFL straight out of high school and never had a chance to learn any other life skills, your prospects would be fairly limited once you got too old to handle all the rucking and mauling. Nothing else for it but to buy yourself a car yard, hang up your boots and get on the piss. The track isn't just great lyrically either by the way. growling, gravel-rash vocals over a solid rhythm section, peppered with some tidy lead breaks make for just over 3 minutes of thoroughly enjoyable musical mayhem.

"Fucked up on Weed" brings the tempo down a few notches and presents itself as something of a power ballad or anthem for the dole-dependent stoner of lower-middle suburbia- an Aussie icon whether some of us like it or not, and we all know at least one or two! The track has a swampy but infectious groove, and conjures images of live shows where slightly pickled punters link arms to steady each other while they join in and sing along in raucous unison to the titular lyrics. Pub-goers love a bit of a sing-along, especially if there's profanity involved ("no way, get fucked, fuck off!")

I guess that's 'The Toss' in a nutshell- They're good fun, they rock hard, and they don't take themselves too seriously- it's the attitude that personifies a lot of red-blooded Aussies, and I really dig what they're putting out there.  The 3 piece outfit have been doing the rounds since since 2006, playing alongside bands like Meatbeaters, Fear and Loathing (who they played their first gig with on Australia Day 2007) Cosmic Psychos and Iron Sheiks, just to name a few. With 5 studio albums under their belts, all of which have featured in 3D Radio's top 101 in their respective years of release, these guys are veterans on the circuit, and have well and truly earned the handle of 'Adelaide's favourite Tossers.'  Find them on StreamHear like I did, and give them a like on Facebook.

The Toss are:
Chappy Toss - Drums n Vox
Chris Toss - Vox n Bass
Tony Toss - Vox n Guitar

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