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Welcome to The Music Cavern. A Brisbane music store hotspot. I would like to talk you through one of the great local stores that love to keep updating and assist fellow musicians in their musical journey. (Beginner or advanced) Which is quite rare for a music store these days.
The Music Cavern, located in Beenleigh has everything for a young budding artist, through to a professional and everywhere in between, and have had quite a bit of time to perfect their craft, as you would if you had been around for Twenty years (since 1997) like these guys have.
I decided to go and have a chat with one of the owners Noel to get a bit of an idea about what they are doing down there, and where they are heading towards the future to get their story out there and raise some more awareness, particularly in Brisbane’s local music scene.

Purple Power

Upon your arrival to The Music Cavern, one thing is clear in mind. These guys are, In the words of Noel “A cool store”. The joint is located on a one-way street, sort of an alley set up, In a big purple building with a guitar sign on the front. A bit like something you might see in an old-fashioned kind of Pig and Whistle pub. There’s also some groovy graffiti work done on one of the walls of a bloke playing a sax. Now if that isn’t cool I really don’t know what is. Once you walk through the doors your greeted with everything a musician’s heart would desire. From the many guitars strung up all over the shop. To the brightly coloured Guitar pedal cabinet. The endless tunes playing through the PA system that fill the store with all the greats, Beetles through to Hendrix. Or the Cymbal racks of pure bronze. Not to forget they still sell records for all you record heads out there.

Everything Under the One Roof

Whether it’s backing tracks or lessons you’re after, or just a nice new instrument to call your own, maybe some much-needed repairs? (which are 90% done in the store) Or perhaps it’s none of those things and you’re just looking for some good old-fashioned inspiration. You are going to find it all here. All under one roof, or cave whatever works for you.
Every lesson done here is one on one, so you can rest assured you’re going to receive whatever you are wanting to achieve and not just learning what the teacher wants to teach you. Even when it comes to buying a new instrument, everything is in place to make sure the musician is put first.
Zip pay is a great feature that the Cavern offers you in which you purchase an instrument or whatever that may be. Now depending on if are accepted, you're given up to one thousand dollars to play around with and set up payments how you see fit to pay off later on down the road. All whilst being able to take that new whatever it may be home with you. Providing you are accepted first though. Which if you’re as good with money as I am, is a fantastic option to have in your repertoire.
Are you looking for a new and different musician comes first approach to a music store? The Music Cavern in Beenleigh is the place to head to. Oh, did I mention they also convert Cassettes, for those of you who know what that still is, back to CD form. Pretty sweet if you ask me.

Matt pictured here working his magic.

Experience Central

Everyone here, including Noel, all play instruments themselves or have had plenty of experience around playing/making music. Noel himself, used to be a music teacher just to put things into perspective for you. So you know that your getting some quality advice from someone who has essentially "been there done that". For myself that is worth a tonne more than anything I could find in a book as I can shape my goals around some real-life footsteps, or if need be take that experience to start carving my own path through the proverbial musical jungle that exists today. So if you have a bit of time up your sleeve and you're looking for something to check out, I can highly recommend The Music Cavern in Beenleigh as the place to go. Super friendly dudes, and some really cool tunes.






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