I was lucky enough to make my way to the Blacken Festival in Alice Springs this year, featuring an amazing line up of heavy bands from all over Australia. With an inside and outside stage going simultaneously, I managed to stumble across the last two songs of a band from Adelaide named The Kraken, which for me was one of the highlights of the festival. Being a blend of stoner/sludge/thrash, they quickly grabbed my attention. Instantly I knew I had to get a copy of whatever music they had which happen to be the 5 track "Rises" EP.

“Slow Decay” to my ears sounds like a more brutal version of Red Fang blended with the feeling of a large wooden pirate ship smashing through giant storm-ridden waves.'

The track “hole” features harmonized heavy riffs and takes you on a journey of key changing guitars. Really conjures up images of massive sludgy deep sea creature lurking in the dark depths of an uncharted sea as their name suggests.

“Purps” was a fairly obvious tribute to 70’s heavy metal pioneers Deep Purple with a mash-up of “Fireball” and “Space Truckin” which inspired me to delve back into the British metal bands discography.

“Let go” mellows out a bit with a beautiful slightly middle eastern sounding intro reminiscent of early 90’s psychedelic grunge. It then drops into fast-paced early 80’s metal thrash carnage, broken up with some of the catchiest, heavy, ½ time anthem worthy riffs I’ve heard in a long time.

If you like the 70s and early 80s heavy music blended with modern flavours, layered guitar, powerful solos, rich roaring vocals and crushing drums then don’t hesitate to check out The Kraken. Their Rises EP can be sourced by clicking here.

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