Malcura Heavy Flamenco, Live Music Near Me.

By craig ninness | December 16, 2018

There’s 1000’s of google searches looking for live music in a month from people looking near by. It’s a shame with all the insta posts and facebook invites no one is keeping an eye out for Malcura, a heavy flamenco live music act from melbourne. Supporting them when I first heard of them in this past review. I was privileged to see them live and understand it’s more than hype when this band is live as the below videos entail.     With heavy metal influences, as part of there growing up, attending the same school and having flamenco influenced school teachers. You can appreciate the technicality it takes to play like this band does. Successfully (and  quickly) crowdfunding money for their next full length album about to be launched soon. Is testament to how many supporters are growing to support this Melbourne live band. Live gigging in any nook and cranny. Malcura touch…

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Fremantle Music Scene

By craig ninness | October 25, 2018

Live music in Fremantle? The Fremantle Music Scene is a happening place with plenty of history behind the venues.  It’s a fantastic hub to catch local, live acts and we know you’re keen to hit the streets so let us quickly tell you. Fremantle live music venues The Railway Hotel leads the live music scene when it comes to exploring all live music. Certainly the venue to keep an eye on when it comes to chasing some Fremantle live music near you. So good in fact. Here’s a deeper insight to of what to expect from The Railway Hotel Fremantle. Run by the same owner/operator and just around the corner from The Railway Hotel Fremantle is the more well known Swan Hotel. To quote directly from their website: “The Basement is open to run live bands every Friday, Saturday and Sunday night. It hosts a variety of genres of music including indie,…

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Band Banners and Backdrops. How to get fans to remember your band?

By craig ninness | October 18, 2018

 As your music draw crowds from off the streets, it’s important to get your artist name remembered and spread by your new fan. Band banners and backdrops are an easy and affordable method to get your band name remembered by the crowd whilst playing live. Here’s a few band backdrop ideas to consider, learnt from the mistakes I made in my band. Consider your image, logo & artist name. No matter how cool it looks to fans of that music. Many people walk away loving your music but trying to remember your band name simply cause they can’t read it. Think like they just walked off the streets. How can they quickly find out who you are? Death metal bands have these evil looking names written by satin himself in an undecipherable style. Nothing wrong with that of course. Just consider the crowd you’re trying to pull. What will the art look like? Place your band…

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A review of Neon Studios a Brisbane rehearsal studio.

By craig ninness | August 23, 2018

Inspiration can come from many things. But I never thought a Brisbane rehearsal studio could be a form of inspiration like the one I recently visited in the suburb of Sumner. A Brisbane rehearsal space that offers more than the usual place for artists to colaborate, practise and create music. Neon Studios is proudly growing it’s own music community inside the venue. As I’ve had the opportunity to meet and witness what goes on inside. I’ll explain a few things that sets this place apart from the rest. Staff are incredibly friendly. When I mean incredible. It means incredible. The staff need a big hand in making the vibe of this place glisten. Nothing is too big or too small for the staff and owner. What the artists asks for, they get. Constantly looking at ways to improve their social impact, fill their rooms and keep the artists coming. Neon Studios certainly have their finger…

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Are Record Labels Facing an A&R Crisis?

By craig ninness | August 1, 2018

A succession of conversations with record labels over the last couple of months has made me start to ponder whether we are approaching a tipping point in streaming era A&R. At the heart of the conversations is whether the growing role of playlists and the increased use of streaming analytics is making label A&R strategy proactive or reactive? Is what people are listening to shaped by the labels or the streaming service? To subvert Paul Weller’s 1980s Jam lyrics: Does the public get what the public wants or does the public want what the public gets? An old dynamic reinvented Radio used to be the main way in which audiences were essentially told what to listen to. Labels influenced what radios would play through a range of soft tactics – boozy lunches, listening sessions etc. – and hard tactics – pluggers, payola etc. Now radio is in long-term decline, losing…

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Doom in June – Mr Boogie Man Bar Melbourne

By craig ninness | June 22, 2018

  I’d like to shout out to a couple of peeps having a doom metal night this Saturday night at the Mr Boogie Bar near Collingwood Station in Abbortford for local and touring Melbournites. The event is held together by a number of bands (scroll down) but the person at the centre of it is Jay Stark from Shadow Beast Records. Constantly displaying passion for all metal through the likes of posting in  Melbourne Music Scene, promoting live local music and assisting bands with his Record Label. Jay Stark charges a measly $220 for a 1 day recording. This includes Mixing Down and Mastering. Between a band of 4 that’s less than getting on the turps together in some real shonky night club sipping on bottled water. He’ll also take it upon himself to represent you and your mates organising gigs around the place for you to make the walls melt. Check…

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Sounds on Screen at Sydney Film Festival

By craig ninness | May 23, 2018

Sydney Film Festival is on in a few days and they have a range of programs that suit your tastes. One of these programs “Sounds On Screen” have a range of movies and documentaries about music artists and their stories. Below are a few blurbs of what you’re going to miss if you don’t save these gigs in your calendars.  Our Friends at Sydney Film Festival need you to get involved. It celebrates independence and creativity of all artists across all cultures. Click the images below to find tickets and more information about the movies. You can also download StreamHear and find them in our GigFinder.   I Used to Be Normal: A Boyband Fangirl Story FILM Jessica Leski, 2017 The coming of age stories of four women whose lives were changed forever by their love of boybands Backstreet Boys, One Direction, Take That and The Beatles.     Bad Reputation FILM Kevin Kerslake, 2017 Joan Jett,…

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StreamHear Registers as R&D Entity.

By craig ninness | May 3, 2018

StreamHear’s vision to provide the best location-based music streaming App had a boost recently. They have successfully registered 2 Algorithms with AusIndustry and Innovation Australia. The App’s interactive usability monitors and collects data to precisely show which artist is trending higher in a location. Whilst the listening desires of music users are collected to assist Artists. StreamHear Scans Locations For Music and Gigs What data we’re collecting from music With a number of artists already committed to broadcasting locally and uploading their tours. Further songs need to be uploaded from local and touring artists to study the algorithms in action. Users deciding who should be trending popular in which location especially on national levels is a positive move. But with streaming giants such as Spotify and iTunes having interests of the major record labels. Location-based music streaming tech has always had its hurdles to kick off and represent the listening…

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Sweden Might Just Have Shown Us What the Future of Music Revenues Will Look Like — Music Industry Blog

By craig ninness | May 1, 2018

Earlier this week the IFPI released its Global Music Report – an essential tool for anyone with a serious interest in the global recorded music business. One interesting trend to emerge was the slowdown in Swedish streaming growth and its knock-on effect on overall recorded music revenues. Sweden has long been the leading indicator for […] via Sweden Might Just Have Shown Us What the Future of Music Revenues Will Look Like — Midia Research

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We May Fall – Sydney Post Hardcore Metal Band

By craig ninness | January 31, 2018

Hardcore/Metalcore from Sydney We May Fall are a post hardcore band from Sydney. Their Album “the light bearer and the shadow maker” Is diverse as much it is experimented with. Music of this calibre is definitely setting up the band for greater things. Released in late 2017 is a credit to themselves for offering effort in to providing you with a complete solid album. Working with featured artists throughout the album it offers collaboration and diverse song writing at its finest inside the Post Hardcore/Metalcore spectrum. The first song of the album, The light bearer, offers immense energy, Starting with a mellow intro, it smashes into the groove with a rolling double kick at the start. It certainly got my head nodding. To change it up they add some sporadically yet timed perfectly, heavy rhythm sections to keep it unique. As the song progresses and rolling you in the groove,…

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