StreamHear Registers as R&D Entity.

StreamHear’s vision to provide the best location-based music streaming App had a boost recently. They have successfully registered 2 Algorithms with AusIndustry and Innovation Australia. The App’s interactive usability monitors and collects data to precisely show which artist is trending higher in a location. Whilst the listening desires of music users are collected to assist Artists.

StreamHear Scans Locations For Music and Gigs

What data we're collecting from music

With a number of artists already committed to broadcasting locally and uploading their tours. Further songs need to be uploaded from local and touring artists to study the algorithms in action.

Users deciding who should be trending popular in which location especially on national levels is a positive move. But with streaming giants such as Spotify and iTunes having interests of the major record labels. Location-based music streaming tech has always had its hurdles to kick off and represent the listening community which it wants to support.

Real time data for A&R collection.

Positive outlooks ahead as data collected from this technology could better assist A&R departments of major and indie record labels. This research, with pin point accuracy precisely discovers which artist is gaining traction for viable and future investments. There’s plenty of space with diverse listening trends to support more artists than the top 100. StreamHear also collects data to assist when and where they should be gigging next or which location they should be releasing more music. StreamHear discovers more of the tendencies of users in future feature development.

Local gigs are shifting

As the growing trend of local gigs climb ever higher in Australia and streaming music in the industry driving music revenue. Perhaps it’s time for new tech to enter the music streaming industry. Data can be collected more accurately. Music can be promoted more localised. Users can have a say in who they want to listen to supporting and help guide the next generation of musicians.

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