Seedy Jeezus – Stoner Rock Band In Melbourne

Seedy Jeezus - photo by Barry C. Douglas


I love 15-minute anthems created by bands. Maybe listening to bands such as Elder has made me appreciate long stories of music. I find music should be a journey and why I recommend any avid listener to stop shortchanging themselves and listen to all the album.


There’s no exception when it comes to Seedy Jeezus. Their song “how you doin” takes you on a journey. To me, sounding like they’ve drawn influences from bands who played in the 60s and 70s psychedelic rock era they have structured this song with valleys and mountain ranges. With a snippet of voice over from film, drawing back the tempo with a long interlude and then increasing the pace of the song with drum solos and leads. Makes this one of my favourite songs from the band.


Gig poster by Seedy Jeezus


I haven’t had the pleasure of seeing this band live and it sucks. I get the feeling they’d lift the roof. The blending of fuzz and distortion across the riffs in their more energetic songs makes me want to groove my way down to the next venue to see them. Joining a very solid and rolling bass line I also get the impression of an old Chrysler driving over train tracks without the feeling of bumps as you settle in to your mobile air cushion. The percussion is energetic with finesse and during the transitions whilst he increases the tempo on a dime reminds you they still want to melt your face or buzz your brain. I'm still trying to figure out some of their effects which has me stumped. Maybe another story due on their rigs and setup later...


Self Titled EP/Album

The artwork compliments the tunes too. Created by Lex the guitarist being a graphic designer. His artwork takes you down memory lane. Offering his services for other bands (for a fee of course) it encapsulates the tunes and live presence of the band. For the alternative minds at heart, his mesmerising images on albums and posters are very cool indeed.

Single Cover

“Shakin the Fuse” from the band makes me want to create a beeline straight for the mosh pit. If I didn’t see any gig get crazy with this tune I’d be mighty surprised. It’s about girls. Can I say anymore? Their albums are available on vinyl and they have a live selection as well. These lads have been around for a long time in the Melbourne music scene. It’s only a good feeling when they were just as keen as I was to download their album as they were to upload and give StreamHear a go. Next time I’m in town I’d be sure to join the crowd and get spellbound by their fine psychedelic rock tunes. Be sure to buy their vinyl recordings here or digital music here.


Seen Seedy Jeezus live or got stories about the band? Please leave a comment or share this story. They’d love you for it.


Seedy Jeezus photo's by Barry C. Douglas

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