Rhett May, Memphis Nights, Steve Graham and The Derby Dolls – Australian Singer/Song Writers

The Singer/songwriter is perhaps the most expressive contemporary musician, but he or she is often the most self-critical. As a small way to celebrate their heart-felt, solitary work, we take a glance at four of them who have uploaded to Streamhear. They may not be renowned in Australia but they tour and have a considerable following overseas, which is an accolade to their success. Their recorded portfolios are massive, and we always encourage listeners and musicians alike to venture out and get in touch, support their efforts and if you're in the area, catch them live.


Rhett MayIf glam rock/pop is up your alley you will be thankful a multi-award winning artist lives just round the corner. Uploading almost his entire library to Streamhear and rubbing shoulders with the music industry greats, Rhett May is a producer/musician working with local talent from around the industry as he continues making original sounds for listeners nationally and abroad. We are grateful he believes in what we’re trying to achieve and thank him for using Streamhear to promote his original sounds. All his achievements, music and information can be found via his website here.


In a similar vein to Rhett May, Memphis Nights orchestrates his own unique bluesy rock pop sounds. Nights’ accentuates his music with great heart which is captured best in his lyrics. Be sure to support his music by downloading from iTunes here. Memphis Night's discography and all his escapades can be found via his website. If you like your blues and roots or simply something original you can find him hanging out with The Mojo Sapiens doing shows around Victoria. It’s worth following his Facebook page, but of course we much prefer you to search for him in Victoria using Streamhear!


Steve Graham, from Bollier in South East Queensland, uploaded in the initial days of Streamhear's launch. His easy, kicking-back music is well sought after around the sunny coast, and if you're keen to catch him live get yourself to the Noosa area and find his events via his website. He appears to be a busy gigger, so we're quietly confident that if you seek him out you will catch him sooner rather than later.


Now someone who needs a mention for his wonderful compositions is Brett Gedge, the man behind the solo project The Derby Dolls. This gentlemen knows how to write and record music; his recordings utilise a remarkable blend of string instruments and beautiful female backup vocals (such as in "Sleep" and "Shout it Out"). Known to play across the Aussie capital cities, you can check out his up coming shows here. Alternatively, you can buy and download his music through The Derby Doll's Facebook Page.

Keep your antennae tuned to Streamhear. We have more updates coming your way, including a new gig finder function and a complimentary eBook. Make sure you download the free App or upload your tunes.

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