Got Questions? We hope you can find the answer here.

Why is StreamHear called a broadcasting App?

Using a unique broadcasting algorithm. Artists are able to broadcast their music out to their locations where they live or tour to. Listeners are able to tune in using their personal tastes in music and the location they want to listen to.

Why isn't StreamHear an aggregating service?

We care about our artists and listeners and wanted a free service for them to promote their music and gigs. It would have cost the artists and the listeners if we became an aggregating service. 

What do you mean by flyers?

Artists can share their profiles from StreamHear across most social media platforms. When they share a song or a gig they are sharing a flyer containing all the information their fans require to find out what new songs they have released or when their next gig is happening.

How can I make songs more popular?

By interacting and sharing the songs to your friends enables them to also do the same. StreamHear's unique algorithm monitors what positive actions are happening to these songs and allocates it a better place up the trend so more people can hear it.

I have a new song what happens to that?

It goes straight to the top to allow listeners the chance to discover  new music and interact with it in a positive manner to assist it further up the trend.

I want to listen to my favourite bands straight away with out listening to the trend?

There is search function in the music feed which allows you to find artists easily and quickly.

I can't find my favourite bands when searching for them in the gig finder?

This means the band or artist has no gigs coming up in the area you're searching in.

I'm an artist, can I notify my customers (fans)?

Yes, using your account. You can notify all your StreamHear followers of set times, gig lists, new songs.

I have an artist annoying me with notifications?

No worries, simply unfollow the artist in settings and you won't receive the notifications.

Why can't I upload songs to broadcast after I've filled out my profile?

In most cases you haven't verified your email you registered with. Just look the the email StreamHear has sent and click the link.

I am an artist and I forgot my password I registered with?

You can reset your password by logging in as normal and hitting the "Forgot Password".

Can I create an account using the StreamHear App?

Yes, in settings.

Why can't I upload songs using my mobile?

You need to upload songs via a Desktop or Laptop. We will make this better ASAP.

How can I use less Data when listening to StreamHear?

Look in settings in StreamHear and connect to Wi-Fi.

Why can't I see many gigs?

Check your song preferences. This could be making your search more narrow. Having a broader range of music will help you find more gigs.

I want to search in another country and listen to them?

Change your location in the preferences screen.

Can I download songs into the favourites folder?

Technically no. Artists own these songs so you will have to purchase them to download them from one of their stores under their profile. Your favourites folder is for you to save your favourite music in the cloud.

How do I find out more about the band?

by clicking on their song image, you will be taken to the bands discography. In here you'll find all their latest gigs, links to their stores, all their music and bios.

What happens when I click on the gig pin?

You can play the top trending songs from all the bands playing at that gig.

So I want to go to a gig. What do I do?

You can click their tickets link if they've got tickets and get directions by clicking on the gig details map.

How does StreamHear find me a Gig?

StreamHear will scan out from your location to find you the nearest gigs relevant to your taste in music as placed in your preferences.

I have complaints about a band or artist?

You can flag them in the app for admin to investigate. Place a comment or you won't be able to flag them and be honest.

Why doesn't StreamHear ask for money from artists?

We don't need to. We are sustainable without it.

I've had technical issues when uploading my songs and gigs using my account?

Contact admin and we'll help ASAP.

How Do I get a band review?

upload some songs and contact us. We love discovering new tunes.


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