Psych Rock and Doom Metal Bands featuring Motherslug, Field, Death by Carrot, Seedy Jeezus, and Fumarole.

There's always something lurking in the background of pop culture that always changes the cultural shift with music.

It's called Metal and it's raising it's ugly little head again in the form of Doom Metal and Stoner/Psych Rock.

Long pronounced vocals. Down tuned guitar rigs and bass with metal fuzz goodness paving a way for  new and old genres emerging as a fore front of australian music scenes.

Already famous and gaining more popularity in Melbourne, Perth and Brisbane. Here’s a selection of champions that definitely deserve a mention.





Now if you’re into your Acid Doom Metal music just like the bands at the Railway Hotel in Fremantle WA. (I love that pub!) I would certainly keep a date open to watch these fellas in Melbourne – Motherslug.

A metal doom band with stoner fuzz full of screaming lyrics. Sometimes supported at gigs with space odysseys Saturn3.

Always great to see artworks created by DIY musicians. Go to a gig of theirs and let them help you discover the depths of your universe.





FIELD.  Regularly playing around Melbourne. Their sludge/doom metal will tear you a new one.

Just take it from these comments - These Aussies aren't holding anything back... "The Hate" hits like a sledgehammer from the outset. Epic riffs, great vocals, adding something vital to the Melbourne scene and global doom more generally."

They'll be playing live near you real soon so make sure you follow them.

Death by Carrot

Death by Carrot could be the most touring band in Australia right now. 

They connect with communities through cultural experiences and would love to be playing in your town or suburb.

You would probably only have to invite them and they'd turn up in their trusty Transit van.

Gigging basically half a year to make sure they get to places more than once in their round trips. They are a Brisbane stoner rock band.

Seedy Jeezus

Top Blokes with top music. Seedy Jeezus  have the psych rock covered. This Melbourne band regularly gig around the burbs.

With a great following in Europe that they visit regularly and an energy on stage hard to mimic. Their efforts and love for the music encapsulates why they are  growing.

Also check their artwork is done in house by the DIY musicians.


Special mentions go to Fumarole. New to the Brisbane Doom Metal scene. Fans of Hobo Magic, Sleep, Orange Goblin, Black Sabbath speaks loudly about what they sound like. Gigging around the South East Queensland would definitely be a band worth a like.


Doom, sludge, stoner, acid metal. What ever your tastes are Australia has your emerging metal tastes covered.

Supporting amazing local acts in your suburbs means wonders to them.

Visiting their gigs in a live venue near you would be the bees knees and a whole lot of fun.


If you have any Doom Metal, Stoner Rock, Psych Rock bands worth mentioning.

Leave a comment below so others can find out. Alternatively leave a comment on our forum for someone else to discover what you've discovered.

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