Play from your heart!

Courtesy of Steve Kelk, Foldback Magazine 2016.

I don't know that I'm necessarily qualified to be giving advice to bands on how to better their performances and make the most of their tools and facilities. I've only ever been in a handful of serious bands, and while a couple of them did garner a significant amount of recognition/notoriety in my relatively small hometown of Darwin, one could hardly say we were 'successful'. As a human being who likes to dance perilously close to the slippery edge of the moral high ground, however, I believe I am qualified to give my unreserved opinion on matters close to my own heart. In this instance, I'm referring to the godawful "cookie-cutter copycat" syndrome that seems to be infecting the music industry at an alarming rate these days. The attack of the clones, so to speak- people who treat music like a fashion parade, and churn out the same mediocre garbage as everyone else currently sporting some slight variant of their particular hairdo.


Now, I'm not about to launch into some scathing diatribe against certain guilty parties, or single out and vilify individual offenders, but rather make an impassioned plea to anybody thinking of starting their own musical project: Please reach deep into your own soul, find the vibratory frequencies that hum at the very heart of your creative spirit, harness that energy, and turn it into sweet music, because at a time like this when the world is in so much strife, we need actual talent and individual brilliance to shine through and light up the darkness a little. We do not need more commercially viable, mass-produced banal bullshit force feeding us its sexually charged message of mediocrity through the airwaves. It's totally fine for musicians to want to make a decent living doing what they love, but if you're stringing formulaic crap together for the sole purpose of having a top 40 hit, getting signed and making millions of dollars, you should do everyone a favour and just quit now, because there just doesn't need to be another song about your backside, your new dance, or how much fucking bling you can afford. As an artist, it's your duty to maintain your creative integrity, and never compromise it for the sake of doing what might be considered trendy or popular. Because I said so, okay? Okay.


And that's my band tip for the week: In the words of the great Bill Hicks (may he rest in peace): "PLAY FROM YOUR FUCKING HEART!"

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  1. Anonymous on November 3, 2017 at 9:11 pm

    Hahaha love it. Very Hunter S Thompson style of writing.

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