Music Royalties Are Important!

StreamHear has a Pay Per Play license from APRA. These guys track the number of plays you have on StreamHear and then pay you for them out of the license fee we have paid.


So in a nutshell, StreamHear pays royalties for your music. Have you got your music registered with APRA? They take care of the administration process regarding us paying for promoting and using your music. They'll send you a payment every 3 months for the number of plays you get on StreamHear.



Our online advertising for small business's assists with these payments. That means Bec at the coffee shop or John with his music store having an advertisement on StreamHear can also get more customers whilst keeping there local music community alive.


Haven't you already registered your recordings with APRA and wanting to broadcast your songs to your local listeners on StreamHear? I'd suggest getting your bandmates and registering your songs with APRA. It's really easy and you do can it here. 

As we have made a local App that is globally available. Make sure you are registered with one of APRA's affiliate societies here. This helps us pay the royalties of artists uploading on Streamhear overseas.

Courtesy - APRA


It's important you have some songs registered with APRA or with one of there affiliate societies overseas. This will help us help you.


As we grow, we'll be pushing the boundaries and re-inventing the way Royalties are paid to musicians. Being musicians ourselves, we understand the importance of being paid correctly for the efforts we are enduring to create a song, tour and sell it. It's harder than what it looks and that's why we care.


It's your ideas and feedback that change the direction of StreamHear. If you have any suggestions and would like to leave a comment about your thoughts on APRA or one of their affiliate societies I'd love to hear it.

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