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Malcura aren’t your typical flamenco players. Influenced by much more than just Spain's music, they infuse a flamenco style with Latin influences with rock background. They bring a refreshing take on the genre’s style, structure and enjoyment. After nominated for 2016’s “Best Global/Reggae Album” at The Age Music Victoria Awards and playing alongside some major acts. I think it’s safe to say they have moulded it into a positive, independent style for today’s current era.


Flamenco Rocks

Busking In Bourke Street. Melb.

Busking there way in the Melbourne’s Bourke Street Mall, you can easily catch them with an array of people surrounding them. Now, I personally don’t like cover songs, they are usually destroying the first original version. But I am easily distracted from this pig-headed view when the band is incredibly talented and can make a better version with their own take on the tune. This below video of Malcura performing Daft Punks - “Get Lucky” explains it all.

Metal Meets Flamenco

Now It’s exciting to see a band who’s influenced by heavy music genres play and celebrate a style they have loved for the ages. This means they can share it with you in any street, shop or venue. You don’t need to loiter down to a cigarette and spew soaked pub to catch them live if that’s not your thing. Which in most cases it probably isn’t? What I’m trying to say in this band review, is you, the discoverer of all things musical, must go and check these guys out. I cannot stress the talent these blokes have for flamenco and Spanish, Latin styles. If you sit there and say you like “all kinds of music” with the annoying hashtag gesture. Then get on the street and catch these blokes, surf their social pages and buy their merch and albums. Like all bands, they’d love you for it.


Malcura are:
Josh Voce - Guitar
Steven "BV" Angell - Guitar
Simon Wood - Drums and Percussion


Be sure to keep an eye out for their next full-length album currently in production. If you still aren’t convinced, I’ll just leave another video of theirs for you. From their debut album. The song is called “Palais” I’m very positive you’ll enjoy.


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