Malcura Heavy Flamenco, Live Music Near Me.

There's 1000's of google searches looking for live music in a month from people looking near by. It's a shame with all the insta posts and facebook invites no one is keeping an eye out for Malcura, a heavy flamenco live music act from melbourne. Supporting them when I first heard of them in this past review. I was privileged to see them live and understand it's more than hype when this band is live as the below videos entail.



With heavy metal influences, as part of there growing up, attending the same school and having flamenco influenced school teachers. You can appreciate the technicality it takes to play like this band does. Successfully (and  quickly) crowdfunding money for their next full length album about to be launched soon. Is testament to how many supporters are growing to support this Melbourne live band.

Live gigging in any nook and cranny. Malcura touch the hearts of many, in and out the live music venue. I once witnessed them draw people inside and also get people dancing lining outside waiting for another club. The energy they bring, good vibes and just pure fun to forget the today's worries. you can see they put there heart in live music venue they play for.

The happy go lucky crew are packing small cars with gear and putting on gigs. they are happy playing at big events but love the coziness of smaller venues and backyard parties. Their music was born from the streets. Entitling anyone who listens pure fascination in the distinct sound Malcura has bestowed.

Some say, they know what good music is. But it takes open ears to appreciate all types of music because of the technical abilities. Heavy music is technical,

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