How StreamHear discovers live music near me?

Looking for live music near me from artists, bands and DJ's from a music venue can be pretty frustrating. Especially in locations I'm not familiar with.  

Below, let's take a look how StreamHear benefits people looking for live music nearby from a band or live music venue.

Search live music near me please.

Our first screen shot is the preference screen.

You type in your location or use your current location.

Then choose a genre of music near you or to look overseas.

StreamHear starts searching for live music and live gigs near you.

It's the perfect way to discover locations for live music if you are a music fan.

Tip: there is mostly Australian artists and Australian bands with live music and gigs using the StreamHear app.


 A gig guide in my pocket.

Just like using google maps. Scroll in and take a look at the gigs and music near you.

Once you find a live music venue. "click the gig pin" a player will pop up.

So you can listen to music from the performing bands or artists.

All uploaded music from artists and bands will play so you can discover it before the gig.

I'm very interested about the gig.

Click the Player on the map.

Now you can find out more about the gig near you. Find out how much it costs.

What time the band is playing. How long the nightclub stays open.

StreamHear gives you directions to the venue. Review the ratings from other StreamHear and Google users.

Discover live music near me.

If you just want to stream music near you or from another location?

Use the discovery screen.

All music is trended high as voted from other StreamHear users.

So people can help trend new music become more popular.

More benefits for live venues and bands near me.

Artists and venues can connect with people going to the gig. 

People following the gig receive updates if the live music venue or gig has been cancelled or changed.

So people aren't wasting their time to discover live music and gigs nearby.

If you're an artist or venue who wants to host gigs on StreamHear?

Or want to use music to help promote your live music venue or gig?

You can create a free profile using the website on any mobile device.

It's available for buskers and bookers, managers and venues. But most importantly, artists to sell their merch and music to more people coming to the gig.

I hope you have enjoyed this quick explanation of the benefits of using StreamHear. It's an Australian company and has a higher rate of Australian Artists and Australian music then other countries.

Although loving our home grown music. we would love more international artists and venues to promote with us. Feel free to comment below or post comments in our forum.

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