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Death Metal Gigs Near Me

CLAIM THE THRONE. The band has uploaded all their gigs to StreamHear. They are on a national tour introducing you to their new Album and you'll be able to find their gigs near you - no worries.

On Desolate Plains Album

When talking to Claim of Throne's front man Brendan about StreamHear. He understood StreamHear's unique opportunity and  how this App assists his band now and into the future. It's reassuring to hear bands want their gigs promoted in the regions they are touring to with out paying for it. Make it a free service and easy for people to find. Even better, allowing them to hear the music before the gig. 

Screen shot of all Claim The Throne gigs near by


Claim The Throne on Tour.

Claim The Throne Album Launch, Friday 8:00 PM, 12 January 2018 
Amplifier, Perth, Western Australia, Australia

Claim The Throne Album Tour, Saturday 8:00 PM, 13 January 2018
Bunbury, Western Australia, Australia

Claim The Throne Album Tour, Thursday 8:00 PM, 25 January 2018 
Enigma Bar, Adelaide, South Australia, Australia

Claim The Throne Album Tour, Friday 8:00 PM, 26 January 2018
Bendigo Hotel, Collingwood, Victoria, Australia

Ausocalypse, Saturday 2:00 PM, 27 January 2018 
Bendigo, Victoria, Australia

Claim The Throne Album Tour, Sunday 7:00 PM, 28 January 2018
Frankie's Pizza, Sydney, New South Wales, Australia

Claim The Throne Album Tour, Thursday 5:00 PM, 1 February 2018
Born 2 Rock Music Studios, West Gosford, New South Wales, Australia

Claim The Throne Album Tour, Friday 8:00 PM, 2 February 2018
Newcastle, New South Wales, Australia

Claim The Throne Album Tour, Saturday 8:00 PM, 3 February 2018
Brisbane, Queensland, Australia

Play music from the local band near me.

Play music from the Map.

If you zoom in to a gig in your area. You'll see exactly where it is. From here click the map pin. To listen to Claim of Throne's music to see if you're interested. If you can't make the gig, follow the band to receive their own messages about updates, merch, music and the next tour. You'll be able to communicate with them. 

Press Kits for bands and followers.

Claim The Throne can promote their tour on all social media platforms by using their press kits that are automatically generated after signing up. If they have an email list, FB followers or contacts list. They can share a flyer about their music and gigging activity. You can then share this flyer to see if your friends want to join in the fun. 

Click Image to see actual Band Pres Kit.

Australian Death Metal is on tour.

Listeners like a particular type of underground music scene. Trouble is sometimes they just can't find it easily. It's a fact that all music scenes are spread through word of mouth. It's through friends and word of mouth that helps local bands become resonate through social media and gain more followers to assist their careers. StreamHear loves this word of mouth theory. So we thought to give better tools for bands like Claim the Throne. Like all local bands and artists  they require our community support. It takes much needed funds to achieve a national tour especially around Australia. They get these funds through growing support from music goers who are prepared to buy a door ticket and this money just pays for flights and travel in most cases. The rest of expenditure is on them. 

So If you love a bit of Death Metal with some Folk twisted in there somewhere be sure to check them out. Why not share their link  to all your mates and get a crowd going who's also keen.



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