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This map pin is more than your normal "run of a mill" pin that just shows you a location. When searching for local bands, this little gem holds all your answers when searching for music. Heading in a completely different direction. Experience a local music scene through finding a gig first than hearing the music second from a player. All new music is spread and found through word of mouth from friend to friend. No other form of media can replicate this simple promotional tool. You can spread the word easily through this Gig Pin.


This Gig Pin on the App, represents every performing band, artist and busker currently uploading their events to the website anywhere in the world.

Kold Creature playing at The Tote

With this pin, you can hear the top trending songs from artists playing at the gig to see if you like it.

Then, you can tap further to find the information about the gig because you liked the music you heard.

Then, you can find all the gig information whilst still listening. Location, date, time, directions, venue ratings, band bios, band ratings, set lists, band merchandise and tickets.

Follow the gig and you receive notifications from artists in case the venue changes or the artists you want to watch change.

Then, you can share this gig and tell all your mates about it so they can meet you there.

Never waste a good time ever again with this, tiny, small, little pin. Which makes a HUGE difference.


We'd love to hear some comments below and see artists upload their gigs or listeners download the app.


Please support our local music scenes and share this.

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