Doom Metal Bands In Melbourne featuring Motherslug, Field, Cement Pig, Saturn 3 and Merchant.

There's a cultural shift with music at the moment. Doom Metal is on the rise!! Long pronounced vocals.  Down tuned guitar rigs and bass with metal fuzz goodness seems to be paving a way for a new genre emerging as a fore front of local music scenes. Already noticed in Melbourne and Perth and now being uploaded to Streamhear. Here’s a selection of champions that definitely deserve a mention from Melbourne.




Now if you’re into your Acid Doom Metal music just like the bands at the Railway Hotel in Fremantle WA. (I love that pub!) I would certainly keep a date open to watch these fellas in Melbourne – Motherslug. I wish I didn't live so far away from this band cause if you're like me and love metal doom, stoner fuzz, whilst listening to comprehensible screaming lyrics. Please, do yourself a favor and check them out here. Want to support them further? Why not buy their music here. Supported at gigs with space odysseys Saturn3. It’s no wonder they’re gaining a massive following and reaching the depths of your universe. These guys are definitely changing the course of the Melbourne music scene.




FIELD. One of our first bands to upload. Regularly playing around Melbourne. Their sludge/doom metal will tear you a new one. Just take it from these comments - These Aussies aren't holding anything back... "The Hate" hits like a sledgehammer from the outset. Epic riffs, great vocals, adding something vital to the Melbourne scene and global doom more generally." They'll be playing live near you real soon so make sure you follow them. You can find their music to buy here and keep an eye on their events here as well.




A special mention must go to Cement Pig absolute veterans in this genre, I was reminded seeing them on a gig poster with Field.  Bendigo Lads playing together for years, I remembered my co-founder loves these guy's. So I had a listen.... A voice sounding like he's smoked a million cigarettes! They bring their own brand of fast paced sludge. They would definitely light the walls on fire if they were playing at your local venue. I love a band that gives the impression they don't give a fuck and are content playing live. So by all means get in touch with them here. You can listen to their music and see for your self here.





Another Melbourne band making headlines is Merchant. These guy's are touring New Zealend in April and they regularly gig with the above mentioned bands.
Slow, down tuned, droned  song structures with melodic wah influenced lead breaks and eeeeevil singing, encapsulates why they are quickly growing a huge fan base in such a growing trend of music genre. Buy and listen to their music here or catch their next gig by following them here.


Doom, sludge, stoner, acid metal. What ever you want to call it? The above mentioned bands have you covered and it seems to be steadily rising as a great live gig to watch and a genre to find your space.


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