Doom in June – Mr Boogie Man Bar Melbourne


I'd like to shout out to a couple of peeps having a doom metal night this Saturday night at the Mr Boogie Bar near Collingwood Station in Abbortford for local and touring Melbournites.

The event is held together by a number of bands (scroll down) but the person at the centre of it is Jay Stark from Shadow Beast Records. Constantly displaying passion for all metal through the likes of posting in  Melbourne Music Scene, promoting live local music and assisting bands with his Record Label.

Jay Stark charges a measly $220 for a 1 day recording. This includes Mixing Down and Mastering. Between a band of 4 that's less than getting on the turps together in some real shonky night club sipping on bottled water. He'll also take it upon himself to represent you and your mates organising gigs around the place for you to make the walls melt.

Check out a couple of links to shed some light on his escapades and the best way to contact him. Shadow Beast Records & Home Brew Recording. Or drop him an email if you need a hand to get the ball rolling. - homebrewrecording AT

In no particular popularity or order the Bands Playing at this weekend's gig are -  (Click the images for Band info)







The "Doom In June" Concert is starting at 7:00pm this Saturday the 23rd of June 2018 inside Mr Boogie Man Bar directions and links below. 


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  1. Anonymous on June 22, 2018 at 1:23 pm

    Thanks mate, awesome work. Jay

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