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How Claim The Throne Promoted a Gig Near You.

By craig ninness | January 5, 2018

Death Metal Gigs Near Me CLAIM THE THRONE. The band has uploaded all their gigs to StreamHear. They are on a national tour introducing you to their new Album and you’ll be able to find their gigs near you – no worries. When talking to Claim of Throne’s front man Brendan about StreamHear. He understood StreamHear’s unique…

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Inner Sphere Promote Music in Czech Republic

By craig ninness | December 28, 2017

Promote your gigs to people near you. INNER SPHERE are touring and promote music on StreamHear. To get people to line up at their shows they have promoted their gigs on StreamHear which places all your gigs on a map and allows users to find your music first whilst using the map. All your fans…

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Upload Your Music For Free With CD Baby

By craig ninness | December 22, 2017

Uploading music for free has teeth. Uploading your music for free comes with some drawbacks when distributing your music on Spotify, Amazon and Apple Music. In fact, show me a music upload site that does this for free? Today you will learn about the costs involved including your free option to upload your music online for…

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Annihilist – Metal Band in Melbourne

By craig ninness | December 18, 2017

    Melbourne Metal at it’s Finest. I think it’s time you metal heads turn your skulls toward a Melbourne metal band called ANNIHILIST. WOW!  A band that stirs emotions which take you on a self analysing trip when listening to their tunes.  Annihilist Ooze Melbourne Metal Talent. The artistry of the guitars is phenomenal as they…

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Use Press Kits to Promote Music

By craig ninness | December 15, 2017

We are introducing press kits. Another FREE promotional tool for artists and their fans to spread music across cyber space. If you like any band, artist, song or gig and share it, these promotional Press Kits will be sent containing the discography of the artist with their gigs and music for your friends to see what you’ve…

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The Music Cavern – Brisbane’s Music Store

By Tariq Boxsell | December 4, 2017

    Let’s Go Exploring Welcome to The Music Cavern. One of Brisbane’s secret musical hotspots in my opinion. I would like to talk you through one of the great local stores that love to keep updating and assist fellow musicians in their musical journey. (Beginner or advanced) Which is quite rare for a music…

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Find Live Music, Bands and Gigs Near Me

By craig ninness | December 2, 2017

This map pin is more than your normal “run of a mill” pin that just shows you a location. When searching for local bands, this little gem holds all your answers when searching for music. Heading in a completely different direction. Experience a local music scene through finding a gig first than hearing the music second from…

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The Trouble Notes – Live Street Music in Berlin

By craig ninness | December 1, 2017

A band I have been talking to is The Trouble Notes. Heralding from Berlin in Germany, these lads are serious about busking and touring, playing their own style of energetic violin and beats. With a gypsy sound and drawing influences from their travels and surroundings they are Bennet Cerven (Violin/Vocals) Florian Eisenschmidt (Guitar) Oliver Maguire…

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Malcolm Young – Rhythm

By craig ninness | November 27, 2017

  I still feel compelled to write how the passing of Malcolm Young was a sad day for me and for the millions of AC/DC fans. Not because AC/DC lost a member, or he was part of an Australian band. It’s because they lost “my” most influential band member. Like so many other influential band…

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Malcura Music – Flamenco Rock Band In Melbourne

By craig ninness | November 25, 2017

Touring now around Melbourne and through the eastern seaboard of Australia, Malcura aren’t your typical flamenco players. Influenced by much more than just Spain’s music, they infuse a flamenco style with Latin influences with rock background. They bring a refreshing take on the genre’s style, structure and enjoyment. After nominated for 2016’s “Best Global/Reggae Album” at The Age…

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