Band Banners and Backdrops. How to get fans to remember your band?

 As your music draw crowds from off the streets, it's important to get your artist name remembered and spread by your new fan. Band banners and backdrops are an easy and affordable method to get your band name remembered by the crowd whilst playing live. Here's a few band backdrop ideas to consider, learnt from the mistakes I made in my band.

Consider your image, logo & artist name.

No matter how cool it looks to fans of that music. Many people walk away loving your music but trying to remember your band name simply cause they can't read it. Think like they just walked off the streets. How can they quickly find out who you are? Death metal bands have these evil looking names written by satin himself in an undecipherable style. Nothing wrong with that of course. Just consider the crowd you're trying to pull.

What will the art look like?

Place your band name high and above the drummer (if you have one) people down the back need to read it as well. Make the band name stand out. Not the image. If placing an image in your DIY band backdrop idea be sure your band name stands out. Make it bold and large. Logo's are cool but don't confuse the audience. You are trying to get your new fan to remember your band name as they begin to like your music. 

Think about the banner size.

You're a small artist, so getting crammed in the back, getting crushed on both sides of the stage by walls is not strange to you. So fighting for stage space is always difficult in most cases especially if carrying your own PA system. Your DIY band backdrop size doesn't need to be massive. This will make hanging it more convenient and quicker on stage. Easier to fold and unfold whilst using it. Lighter to hang so it won't drop of the wall or fall over the drummer if you have one. 


How to hang it up.

Convenience is the key here. Having a massive band banner may need something more like a cross bar and take way too long to set up especially between sets. Some music venues don't allow you to attach it to their walls or there's nothing to hang it off. So get two PA speaker stands from Ebay and attach the banner between them. They are cheap, don't take up to much room and quick to set up.  Don't forget what you're going to use to hang it. Tape, Zippy ties, Velcro, String. What ever's easier.

Bands are even opting for these easy alternatives from office supply stores.

How are you making it?

Some band banner manufacturers offer the bells and whistles when designing your banner. Are you going to have Velcro tabs and what for? Do you just need ringlets? Do you need loop stitched at the top for a cross bar? What band backdrop fabric are you using, vinyl or Polyester? Do you need it sun resistant? Do you need it water proof? Consider the actual use of the banner. This will make you save costs. 

Look for a good price.

Price is a massive factor when opting for a cheap band banner or backdrop. A place which I found to be very affordable, easy to deal with and quick to supply is Benny from Banner of China.  His band banners are the fraction of price than most manufacturers and he's happy to deal with the smaller customers as well. Making large stage backdrops for very massive events and music festivals is testament they know what they're doing.

Consider other ideas for DIY band backdrops.

  • Put your band name on the drummers front base skin. (if he lets you)
  • Tell your singer to keep repeating your band name during the set telling people who you are.
  • Tour in a van? Place it out the front of the music venue with your name on it.
  • Hand some free merch out during gigs (if you can afford it.) Stickers are handy. Every one loves a sticker. Got to get around crowds though, to say g'day to new fans.
  • Wear your own band shirt on stage. (corny I know, but have seen it done.)
  • Have business cards ready. Very handy for cover bands or cover artists.

Any more suggestions to help our readers and artists get remembered whilst playing a live show would be awesome. Feel free to leave a comment and shout out to companies you know that can help with DIY band banners and backdrops with amazing art for other artists.


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