Location Based Music Streaming.


Music listeners scan your location for your music and gigs.

   Music Goers

Discover your gigs nearby, can stream your music and find out more about you.

     Music Tourism

They scan cities, states or countries to stream your music from anywhere in the world.

Free to Join

There are no fees for artists. 

Any Location, On Demand Streaming

Where's the Music?

upload music screen shot

It's Free

to upload and easy to start broadcasting.


    1 Song

Is all you need. Locals care about their local music artists.

Where's the gig?

website artist gig finder screenshot

    All On the Map.

Music Goers search for local gigs. Click Pin, Hear Music, Go To Gig.

   Set Lists

Music goers can listen to the music from you and the artists playing before the event.

Who's the Artist?

 Easy Sign Up

1 step to join, 1 page for your profile.

   Sell Stuff

Link merchandise and your websites.

artist profile screen


Your song moves up, more people hear it. 


Sharing your song gets more plays.


Skipping backwards helps the song get shown more.

player and discovery screen


Like the song and it gets heard more. 


Fans can save your songs to playlists.


Positive actions expose songs to a larger audience. 


Licensed with APRA/AMCOS