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Melbourne Metal at it's Finest.

I think it’s time you metal heads turn your skulls toward a Melbourne metal band called ANNIHILIST. WOW! 

A band that stirs emotions which take you on a self analysing trip when listening to their tunes. 

Serious Band! This Lot.

Annihilist Ooze Melbourne Metal Talent.

The artistry of the guitars is phenomenal as they play lead breaks after lead breaks, yet they don’t just rip into it so they sound individualised from the band. They get behind and work with each other. Each band member is working together as the technical prowess kicks in and blows you away! Listen to the double kick and sweeping bass as it stomps on your precious head whilst you're always picking up something new from their technical abilities. I must admit when tuning out with some metal tracks I like hearing and understanding the vocals. I thank the singer for having deep and meaningful lyrics to adhere to.

Professional setup from Parallel Recording Studios

They have great songs deserving of more ears listening, but I’ll be turning some attention toward the songs that grappled my heart of attention. EMBERS stirred something sad to the surface yet at the end I was left feeling you will endure and overcome anything and keep going! It literally brought tears to my eyes when listening to EMBERS. It’s my favourite song from Annihilist. It gave me a sense to carry on in all life’s adversities and not to worry about the small shit in general. The quietness with protruding acoustic finger plucking is simply beautiful in all it’s glory. It’s a tribute to the bands talents and diversity of all things melodic within acoustic and metal effects.

They collaborate with others.

There’s a beautiful piano piece called ECHOES from pianist Greg Liston it’s a majestic piece of music.  SINKS first minute with high pitched guitar riffs brings a stabbing effect to the brain with a pitch fork of metal genius. Get on it!

The lyrics,

“I, don’t, owe, you, anything, anymore! I, don’t, owe, you, anything, anything, at, all!”

Rings so true on so many levels and the sick guitar leads during this song get you jiving in the brain that’s already got a pitch fork in it! It’s great to see two amazing guitarists working together.


Anxiously waiting for Annihilist's Next Album.

The build up in SOLACE IN SUFFERING at the 5 min mark sets you up for the whole album. There's solid sliding riffs with lead fills between the british bar chords and fast down picking. I'm surprised this sort of music isn't in backing tracks of some horror or war flicks.

I understand it's an old EP from 2015 yet greatly missed amongst the metal rivals of up coming music. If this band releases a highly anticipated Vol 2. I can only see great things for this band. I hope so much they'd let me review it before it before anyone else.

Spread The Word about Annihilist.

Annihilist bring absolutely everything from the four corners of the metal world and deliver it in one, unique, packaged wall of sound. Support these fellas if you’re looking for Melbourne Metal and love discovering live metal gigs. You can find their music and gigs on StreamHear. Any metal head would agree…   

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