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Acid City organises an event every year - Remember November

When you're on the road or sitting around your hometown gigging around the joint. You remember the characters of the musos with you. Every step of the way, a bond is created just like your music. They all understand the shit your band is pulling through and you understand theirs.

There is no exception when it comes to my conclusion about these homegrown Darwin lads. When I first met them we instantly embraced their support. They had been around much longer and have gained the respect of the local music scene. They were younger than us clever monkeys but we didn't give a shit about that either. We just wanted to gig with a cool bunch of people and have fun with the music.

Acid City! What can I say.... These lads are the Clydesdale workhorse of the northern territory music scene, they have no contracts, no upper music industry support and are struggling local musicians like the rest of us. But the local venues love em!! The underground ones anyway!

This is Todd - Courtesy FoldBack Magazine

I spoke to Todd, and I remember him telling me two years ago,

"as long as I'm playing music, that's all I give a fuck about. I don't care what sort of music it is, it just has to be music. That's all I care about mate. I can't see my life without having any music in it!"

This comment hit me like a bag of cement. It rings true in so many ways for so many people. Todd also plays in four other bands.... last time I counted anyway. Then you got the two brothers, Jay and Jess. Jay the avid bass player is bloody sick to watch.

This is Jess

His spider fingers plucking the strings are a credit to any bass player wanting to learn. It's just too quick and his energetic exuberance around the stage personifies the bands intention. He is humble with a funny character and friendly to everyone, a true top end character. Let's not forget Jess, The frontman of the group. His singing sounds ruff like a packet of Winnie Reds. A true grunge feeling and punk/rock experience packed with angry youth. Playing British bar chord riffs and lead breaks, it compliments the music they portray on stage. He's there for the band and always the front man taking the abuse. He'll say g'day whenever the compliments required which is very cool in my book. I guess he just lets his brother Jay do all the talking.

This is Jay - Courtesy of Foldback Magazine

Acid City is more than who they are. I think it's easy to forget how much they contribute and represent Darwin and the Northern Territory. Yet, time and time again, I see them apply themselves constantly for music festival slots and music awards without a peep or response. The best of it all, Acid City like so many bands, wouldn't give a shit! I don't think they were ever the ass tonguing type anyway.

Todd, Jess and Jay love their local music scene. They work in shitty jobs and can't wait for the opportunity to hit the stage. They regularly take support slots for new upcoming bands just so they can gig. It's simply terrific to watch. Their music is thrash rock meets grunge!!! They also play an acoustic set for the weary traveller passing through or the soft at heart.

It's obvious I have a personal connection with this band. If it wasn't for them we'd have an empty slot at Clever Monkeys first show.

Their 2nd Self Titled EP

I wouldn't have met a bunch of top blokes who happen to also love playing tunes. So beers would have been wasted on even shittier conversations and the laughs would have never kept rolling.

My band Clever Monkey and StreamHear thanks them for the research and feedback these guys gave with their positive critique. Acid City is the true underground of the Northern Territory and it shows with them never, EVER, missing a show in the top end. If only they were one day awarded for it. You'll find them easy on StreamHear... they deserve much more!!


Photo's courtesy of FoldBack Magazine. Top Ends Music Magazine.

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  1. Anonymous on November 2, 2017 at 4:23 pm

    Thrilled to read this write up and it is all true, good on you lads and I am Todds mum so can’t say ….Todd ????

  2. dellas mills on November 2, 2017 at 3:54 pm

    As the Grunge Nanna of Jay and Jess it makes me so proud of this wonderful write up about Acid City. I try to get up to Darwin for as many of their gigs as I can to support them and all the other great Darwin bands who play such beaut music.. I’ll be flying back up top as long as I can afford plane fares to attend all the gigs that the guys play.. Oh yeah, Fuck Todd…lol

  3. Dylan Manhire on November 2, 2017 at 3:13 pm

    I remember one time Jay did a shot of bourbon and threw up all over the floor and Jess filmed it.

    also fuck Todd

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