Our Quest

To provide the best Location Based Streaming Platform for music artists and their communities.

Our Story

The idea was sparked from an up and coming Australian band wanting to increase attendance rates to their shows. Now, a member from that same band utilises Australian and International talent to develop a mobile platform to assist people and businesses to promote their music, gigs and music scenes. All new features are based on feedback from other up and coming Australian bands and music industry leaders.

StreamHear develops Location Based Music Streaming technology to help customers stream their music from their locations in one mobile app. This helps music lovers discover this scene, find it easily and effortlessly whilst allowing them to govern the trend of music from that location.

We bring the music culture closer to those looking for it and allow them to search and connect with it anywhere around the world. No matter its size, distance or isolation. Every person can enjoy their favourite music scenes to discover music and gigs from artists around the world and listen to it using StreamHear.

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Image - Malcura playing in Melbourne City