Our Quest

To provide the best music scene discovering platform in the world.

Our Story

The idea was sparked from a local Australian band wanting to increase attendance rates to their shows. Now, the idea has morphed into a gig finding and location streaming platform. To help people discover culture, promote their music scenes and connect with communities and artists... Simple!


Our why factor

Why is it always difficult to find gigs close by when reaching for street press or scanning social media? 

How great would it feel to find new music whilst discovering a new gig easily and effortlessly and be able to invite your friends? Sounds a lot more exciting to us. 

The Solution

StreamHear uses a map as a gig guide with music for users to discover the gigs they want to see.

Placing every gig on a map in the area and stream music from performing artists before the gigs! This helps you discover new music and gigs nearby or anywhere in the world whilst on the move.

For artists, real gig goers, looking for real gigs, in real time! It's a stepping stone to engage with gig goers in real time. 

Made for you.

A music and gig discovery app where you connect to real communities with every music scene, no matter where it is on the planet. StreamHear brings the music culture closer to you searching for it in any part of the world. 

No matter its size, distance or isolation. Everyone can enjoy their favourite music scenes to discover music and gigs from artists around the world and listen to it using StreamHear.

StreamHear Is

India Wallis
India Wallis
Sam Washusen
Sam Washusen
Craig Ninness
Craig Ninness
Liam O'sullivan
Liam O'sullivan

"It's the gig finder on steroids!" - Tai Sui

"StreamHear has got the best features from the music apps and made it into one easy process." - Pretty Cash

"I've been looking for an app like this for ages." - Jeff, Brisbane street performer

"Love the ethos." - Death by Carrot

"Loved the idea of being able to discover a band and then going to see them later the same day." - Dave Zammit

"If you like having a gig guide? You're going to love this!" - Neon Rehearsal Studios

"What a brilliant idea for an app." - @morrisnmusic, Instagram.


An Australian Company.



Gig guide map.

With music.


Stream locations. 



Keep track of music and gigs.



Anywhere around the planet.

Image - Malcura playing in Melbourne City