A review of Neon Studios a Brisbane rehearsal studio.

Inspiration can come from many things. But I never thought a Brisbane rehearsal studio could be a form of inspiration like the one I recently visited in the suburb of Sumner. A Brisbane rehearsal space that offers more than the usual place for artists to colaborate, practise and create music. Neon Studios is proudly growing it's own music community inside the venue. As I've had the opportunity to meet and witness what goes on inside. I'll explain a few things that sets this place apart from the rest.

Staff are incredibly friendly.

When I mean incredible. It means incredible. The staff need a big hand in making the vibe of this place glisten. Nothing is too big or too small for the staff and owner. What the artists asks for, they get. Constantly looking at ways to improve their social impact, fill their rooms and keep the artists coming. Neon Studios certainly have their finger on the pulse when it comes to customer service, community ethos and support. Alexi, lead singer from Tai Sui is there most times at the counter and always keen to help out when it comes to making your rehearsal a cool experience.  

Facilities offer more than walls.

The memorabilia in this place is phenomenal. If you're not careful? You'll catch yourself looking at it for hours rather than rehearsing. Signed autographs, old instruments, posters of a bye gone era. Neon studio owner, Craig has been collecting musical things for years. Having had experience along side some massive artists and knowing some industry representatives. It's great to see him share his possessions on the walls for your inspiration as you enter the facility.

Music Gear, and plenty of it.

Boasting a recording studio with 8 rehearsal rooms. The sound proofing in each room is amazing. It deadens the sound so you can hear other instruments. It doesn't even carry into the hallways so you can hear yourself have a conversation. Every room is equipped with the PA gear you require and its good stuff too. Forget something from home, they even accommodate with extra leads, guitars, rigs, mics, drum sticks and loads of other stuff.

Cleanliness is next to godliness.

It's funny how some studios think artists are animals. Neon studios doesn't as it's constantly cleaned inside and out. Rooms are quickly inspected for next jam. Smoking area is always cleaned. Bins are emptied. Walls and shelves are wiped and the toilets are spotless with out any surprises from pigs. It's like the whole establishment has this, you care, so we care aura about it. Everyone is chipping in to keep it going for the next band.

Community vibe.

If you create songs and perform live you understand this. There's no competitive feeling amongst bands or artists here.  You'll witness artists sharing a conversation, enjoying the facilities coffee machine. Having fridge access for BYO, excitedly wondering around the place smiling. Talking about song structures, whilst sucking a durry. It's no wonder this place has won my admiration and many of other Brisbane and Australian acts. If a touring act or musician wanting some space in the area, be sure to say g'day and meet the staff who genuinely care about their local music community.


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