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an early morning start for streamhear

an early morning start for streamhear

If someone would have suggested to me that I should make an app that would help musicians gain more exposure whilst helping listeners find new local music, my initial response would have been “how would I even make such a thing?”

As I sit here at 5 in the morning I begin to worry that I'm not connecting with the customers, not creating blogs to keep interest and not gaining subscribers or more facebook likes which is a very important relationship streamhear must obtain and keep.


Like anything new and unknown, I begin to understand the importance of how designing this app is where all my attention needs to be at this stage. The artists will soon understand that a video link to Appster every day of the week is important. Sorting and requesting changes in the user stories about revenue and royalties through location targeted advertising is important. Discussing and making changes to the point scoring interactive player so listeners let the artist know which songs resonate with them is important. The user interface is important. How the listener navigates through the music and functionality is important. How we can improve the artist flow and easier usability is important. Keeping everyone involved from the get go is important.


As I begin interviews for a digital marketer I am hoping that the candidates will see the importance of their skill set and the opportunities they can offer streamhear. I believe they will begin to understand the importance of this app and its place in the music industry, the potential it can create and the help it will provide our community in all facets of music and small business.

preferences screen in userflow

preferences screen in userflow


We are now moving into sprint 3 (for the app illiterate like myself, they call them "sprints" and "scrums").  I get a sense of something communal and social is coming into fruition. Everyone in development is super excited about this new app design and its original user functions. I have already be given the first testing stages of the app (only a few pages to see how they navigate when a new user logs in and artists join). As as we test these functions we continue the next sprint and fix the issues we found during the sprint before. Sounds like an amazing team working together and a sight to be seen by all.


I admit the ride I have been on is nothing short of a roller coaster. If I hadn't had amazing support from my band mates, friends and family and the Appster team, I certainly wouldn't be feeling the same sense of achievement and purpose. On the 7th of September streamhear should be completed and ready for warranty testing. I'm hoping to get as many artists as possible interested in testing and will notify as soon as I can. Until then. Thanks for keeping tuned to streamhear and I will be trying my hardest to keep you all informed.

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