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Artists in Detail!

Wouldn't it be awesome if you could connect with your next favourite band? Biographies and more information of the Artists you discover. Immerse yourself in today's music scene. 

     Who Are they?

Do you know your local muso hitting the streets for your entertainment? They could be playing just around the corner. Find news and things worth knowing about them, contact information and access to their social media channels.


     Where are their Music Stores?

Be an original collector of music. Discover their websites, Their music stores and an awesome array of Merchandise. They'd love you for it and so would we!


Get to know the original!

Celebrate our local musicians on your smartphone. Take a trip around the globe and enjoy music from all corners of the Earth.

     When you need a Fresh Voice

Streamhear connects you to unsigned musicians no matter the size, distance or isolation. If talent is on the streets, why not look there? Who knows who you will meet?


    Never miss a Gig again

Whether you’re planning a trip to a new city or are looking to try a few new live music events on your next vacation, check out your options on our unique gig finder.


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