A fun and simple App to discover local music and gigs.

Step 1. Enter in your location.

Step 2. Choose the genre of music you're looking for.

Step 3. Discover music and gigs.


Search your location and favourite genre of music. 


Broadcasting independent music from any city, state or country.


Create your perfect playlist of new music from local artists.


To any music scene you want to hear. 


Connect with artists, find gigs, collect merchandise.


Share the greatest finds directly through social media.

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Music before the gig!

Find a gig, click pin, hear music and go. Biographies and more information of the Artists you discover. 

     Who Are they?

They could be playing just around the corner. Discover things worth knowing about them.

     Music from the streets

Uncover a new venue or band in your location. They'd love you for it and so would we!

Any Where

Take a trip around the globe and enjoy music from all corners of the Earth.

     Fresh Voice

No matter the size, distance or isolation. If talent is on the streets, why not look there? 

    Catch a Gig

Any Venue, any Artist can all show you their music events.

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