No Bands In Sydney

You see, when travelling, no matter what destination, I have this knack to search and read some street press to find out what the local bands are doing. I even some times ask one of the locals where a good place to hear some good tunes are. Sometimes, I’ll keep an eye out for the locals walking in packs, as they steam off to a good show. I’ve even been caught asking a buck to the system delinquent individual whilst he’s smoking a durry on a street corner where a good acid stoner rock band is playing. (no pun intended)

Arriving in Sydney Airport


Work (my other Job) has flown me to Sydney yesterday. As the plane was being taxied to it’s gate. I ripped out my phone and pressed “use my current location” in the Streamhear App. It automatically found bands in Sydney for me. The unfortunate thing was. There’s no bands. The closest band I found was in Dubbo. “One Proud Monkey" appeared in the App. A rock/country/americana band deserving of a band review in a later blog.


I wasn’t disappointed with Sydney, not at all and far from it. It’s expected after four days of launch. But I would sure love to hear what they’re all doing at the moment.


As a traveller, no matter where I go, one of the first things I look for are music and venues, They’re fun! I can’t explain it any better. I love watching a good or not so good band smashing it out on stage in a place I don’t know. I couldn’t ask for a happier trip.


The thing is, I don’t mind sifting through the classifieds of the street press. But the street press doesn’t play me the bands music. If a musician wants a person to come to their gig they must get their music heard first.


Individuals like me are rare and becoming rarer. Listeners who are risking their study, money and time to go watch a show just couldn’t be bothered any more. It’s too cold or too hot, strapped for cash this week, I’m tired, no ones coming with me, It’s too far, are just some of the excuses.

One Proud Monkey From Dubbo, NSW, appearing first on Streamhear.


The thing is, I had invented this music app for one sole purpose. To discover a real easy way, bands in my local area. By a touch of a button I can hear music that surrounds me, not being forced at me. If I like a band I hear. I can tap on their song image to find out more information about them. If I want to find out if they’re playing near me I can tap their social links. How simple is that.


I don’t believe in hype, which musician does? It's a good feeling or fad that doesn’t last very long. The opposite can be said when I hear a great band live. It takes me to the next step in my journey. It makes me feel connected to the community I just arrived in. As part of it. I have never and I mean never, gone to a local, original gig where the crowd is unfriendly or the band are assholes. They are cool, happy, vibrant and very very welcoming. It’s what made music in the first place.