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We Got Better!

By craig ninness | October 23, 2017

How chuffed are we? We’re ecstatic. Well, I am anyway. It’s been a dream of mine to create a product that can assist local music rise again. After years of witnessing venue closes, curfew raises and the X-factor. We’ve finally released a working version of the new improved StreamHear app. Over the past year, we…

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O’Neill Drums: Handcrafted Drums from the Great Southern

By shane jovanovic | October 22, 2017

Our music and our instruments are a peculiar part of us which will be, and always will be. It’s interesting how we grow with our instruments, at some stage start gigging, writing new material, maybe recording, dreaming, pursuing. At some stage or other, the life expected of us by those less musically inclined tends to…

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Conducting a Positive Band Rehearsal – Tips and Tricks

By Tariq Boxsell | October 22, 2017

Have a clear direction of where you want to Progress Nominate a bandleader, unless you work well as a team, having a leader can take the pressure off the rest of the band in that the leader will be able to control the jam or rehearsal. What little time you do have together, will be…

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Two Streamhear Artists Shortlisted in WAM

By shane jovanovic | April 30, 2017

While Streamhear has been working on developing the Gig Finder function of the App, a couple of our uploaded artists have been surprised with great news. Every year, West Australian Music (WAM) seeks to find and celebrate the best contemporary music arising from within West Australia, and this year’s finalists for the WAM Awards is…

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4 Singer/Songwriters on Streamhear

By craig ninness | April 4, 2017

The Singer/songwriter is perhaps the most expressive contemporary musician, but he or she is often the most self-critical. As a small way to celebrate their heart-felt, solitary work, we take a glance at four of them who have uploaded to Streamhear. They may not be renowned in Australia but they tour and have a considerable…

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Metalcore Minifest Brisbane

By craig ninness | February 22, 2017

There’s a growing trend to see more gigs where you’re not standing 200m from the front stage with binoculars. When Jes from Metalfaction asked if Streamhear could support and help promote his local music scene, we were happy to oblige.   Decepticore is happening in Fortitude Valley, Brisbane at The Brightside on the 25th Sat February (yes!…

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4 Doom Metal Bands From Melbourne

By craig ninness | February 16, 2017

There’s a cultural shift with music at the moment. Doom Metal is on the rise!! Long pronounced vocals.  Down tuned guitar rigs and bass with metal fuzz goodness seems to be paving a way for a new genre emerging as a fore front of local music scenes. Already noticed in Melbourne and Perth and now…

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The 1 Metal Band To See In Brisbane

By craig ninness | February 14, 2017

I don’t normally jump right into a band as soon as I’ve heard them. I usually sit on the side lines for a while picking the crap out of their music. I usually envision a personality of the characters behind the music. whether they’re egotistic, whether their attitudes far out way their talents. I blame…

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3 Gold Coast Metal Bands To Watch.

By craig ninness | February 3, 2017

When you google “Gold Coast Metal” its safe to assume a massive list of south east coast metal bands would appear before your eyes. Instead you receive a list of metal suppliers. So we’ve decided to help the search criteria by informing you about three metal bands that have uploaded to Streamhear.   Upon A…

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Inspiration, Interconnectedness, and an Invitation

By shane jovanovic | October 3, 2016

I am no handholding enthusiast volunteering my time to grease the glory of others, but I am often and easily impressed by original music. Though I do enjoy finding new bands and writing about them, I still keep my involvement in music scenes at an arm’s length. I am the reluctant participator at live events,…

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