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Don’t Let Music Slip Away!

By Sam Washusen | November 14, 2017

For all those musos out there that stuck to their guns playing original music and never made a career out of it, we often find ourselves with a working life that doesn’t compliment playing music. Some of us chose to study sound engineering or work in music retail, and at times I’ve thought that perhaps…

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Small Crowds. Cheap Tickets. The Sound of Crickets.

By Callum Munro | November 9, 2017

“Hey everyone, we’re (insert band name.) Are you ready to be moderately rocked out of your sandals and socks?!“   The one extremely drunk guy who can be bothered standing close to the stage slurs something that might be a word of encouragement if it was actually in a coherent language. The small handful of…

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Seedy Jeezus

By craig ninness | November 9, 2017

  I love 15-minute anthems created by bands. Maybe listening to bands such as Elder has made me appreciate long stories of music. I find music should be a journey and why I recommend any avid listener to stop shortchanging themselves and listen to all the album.   There’s no exception when it comes to Seedy…

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Music Royalties Are Important!

By craig ninness | November 4, 2017

StreamHear has a Pay Per Play license from APRA. These guys track the number of plays you have on StreamHear and then pay you for them out of the license fee we have paid.   So in a nutshell, StreamHear pays royalties for your music. Have you got your music registered with APRA? They take care of the…

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Meshuggah & Me

By craig ninness | November 3, 2017

As I fly on this two-hour flight (to work) without any WiFi entertainment, I’m easily persuaded to listen to a band I’ve admired for years. Meshuggah! I know to some, they may not be classed as a local band anymore. But to me, they are the goal in which bands want to endure. I also understand that…

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Play from your heart!

By Callum Munro | November 2, 2017

I don’t know that I’m necessarily qualified to be giving advice to bands on how to better their performances and make the most of their tools and facilities. I’ve only ever been in a handful of serious bands, and while a couple of them did garner a significant amount of recognition/notoriety in my relatively small…

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Acid City Live! In a small city..

By craig ninness | November 1, 2017

When you’re on the road or sitting around your hometown gigging around the joint. You remember the characters of the musos with you. Every step of the way, a bond is created just like your music. They all understand the shit your band is pulling through and you understand theirs. There is no exception when…

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The Kraken Rises at Blacken

By Sam Washusen | October 28, 2017

I was lucky enough to make my way to the Blacken Festival in Alice Springs this year, featuring an amazing line up of heavy bands from all over Australia. With an inside and outside stage going simultaneously, I managed to stumble across the last two songs of a band from Adelaide named The Kraken, which for me was…

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Introducing Adelaide’s favourite bunch of Tossers. Get around ‘The Toss.’

By Callum Munro | October 27, 2017

  When it comes to music, there’s nothing more Aussie (in the contemporary sense of the word) than yob rock, and I’ve yet to hear a band that encapsulates that genre better than Adelaide outfit ‘The Toss.’ They’re footy, beer and pies for your ear-holes. They’re VB and Winnie Reds in musical form. This is…

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