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I have been frantically writing the promised Ebook to aid our users through the easy process of uploading and using Streamhear to their advantage. We will be releasing the Ebook Free to anyone wishing to subscribe to or join Streamhear.


Below is a snippet from the introduction of our 1st edition.

The Singer/songwriter is perhaps the most expressive contemporary musician, but he or she is often the most self-critical. As a small way to celebrate their heart-felt, solitary work, we take a glance at four of them who have uploaded to Streamhear. They may not be renowned in Australia but they tour and have a considerable following overseas, which is an accolade to their success. Their recorded portfolios are massive, and we always encourage listeners and musicians alike to venture out and get in touch, support their efforts and if you're in the area, catch them live.


Rhett MayIf glam rock/pop is up your alley you will be thankful a multi-award winning artist lives just round the corner. Uploading almost his entire library to Streamhear and rubbing shoulders with the music industry greats, Rhett May is a producer/musician working with local talent from around the industry as he continues making original sounds for listeners nationally and abroad. We are grateful he believes in what we’re trying to achieve and thank him for using Streamhear to promote his original sounds. All his achievements, music and information can be found via his website here.


In a similar vein to Rhett May, Memphis Nights orchestrates his own unique bluesy rock pop sounds. Nights’ accentuates his music with great heart which is captured best in his lyrics. Be sure to support his music by downloading from iTunes here. Memphis Night's discography and all his escapades can be found via his website. If you like your blues and roots or simply something original you can find him hanging out with The Mojo Sapiens doing shows around Victoria. It’s worth following his Facebook page, but of course we much prefer you to search for him in Victoria using Streamhear!


Steve Graham, from Bollier in South East Queensland, uploaded in the initial days of Streamhear's launch. His easy, kicking-back music is well sought after around the sunny coast, and if you're keen to catch him live get yourself to the Noosa area and find his events via his website. He appears to be a busy gigger, so we're quietly confident that if you seek him out you will catch him sooner rather than later.


Now someone who needs a mention for his wonderful compositions is Brett Gedge, the man behind the solo project The Derby Dolls. This gentlemen knows how to write and record music; his recordings utilise a remarkable blend of string instruments and beautiful female backup vocals (such as in "Sleep" and "Shout it Out"). Known to play across the Aussie capital cities, you can check out his up coming shows here. Alternatively, you can buy and download his music through The Derby Doll's Facebook Page.

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There's a growing trend to see more gigs where you're not standing 200m from the front stage with binoculars. When Jes from Metalfaction asked if Streamhear could support and help promote his local music scene, we were happy to oblige.


Decepticore is happening in Fortitude Valley, Brisbane at The Brightside on the 25th Sat February (yes! this Saturday). Buy your tickets HERE ONLINE or buy them at the door to see the following bands.



Kings At Heart
Atlantis Of The
Path of Victory (nsw)
Trojans (nsw)
We Set Signals
Evil Eye
Upon a Falling Empire
Furious George (vic)
Uncle Buck




Streamhear promoted it with an audio ad that can easily be placed in the Brisbane area using our App. This ad is localised, promotes small businesses and venues and assists fans of music to support their music scenes.

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There's a cultural shift with music at the moment. Doom Metal is on the rise!! Long pronounced vocals.  Down tuned guitar rigs and bass with metal fuzz goodness seems to be paving a way for a new genre emerging as a fore front of local music scenes. Already noticed in Melbourne and Perth and now being uploaded to Streamhear. Here’s a selection of champions that definitely deserve a mention from Melbourne.



Now if you’re into your Acid Doom Metal music just like the bands at the Railway Hotel in Fremantle WA. (I love that pub!) I would certainly keep a date open to watch these fellas in Melbourne – Motherslug. I wish I didn't live so far away from this band cause if you're like me and love metal doom, stoner fuzz, whilst listening to comprehensible screaming lyrics. Please, do yourself a favor and check them out here. Want to support them further? Why not buy their music here. Supported at gigs with space odysseys Saturn3. It’s no wonder they’re gaining a massive following and reaching the depths of your universe. These guys are definitely changing the course of the Melbourne music scene.



FIELD. One of our first bands to upload. Regularly playing around Melbourne. Their sludge/doom metal will tear you a new one. Just take it from these comments - These Aussies aren't holding anything back... "The Hate" hits like a sledgehammer from the outset. Epic riffs, great vocals, adding something vital to the Melbourne scene and global doom more generally." They'll be playing live near you real soon so make sure you follow them. You can find their music to buy here and keep an eye on their events here as well.



A special mention must go to Cement Pig absolute veterans in this genre, I was reminded seeing them on a gig poster with Field.  Bendigo Lads playing together for years, I remembered my co-founder loves these guy's. So I had a listen.... A voice sounding like he's smoked a million cigarettes! They bring their own brand of fast paced sludge. They would definitely light the walls on fire if they were playing at your local venue. I love a band that gives the impression they don't give a fuck and are content playing live. So by all means get in touch with them here. You can listen to their music and see for your self here.




Another Melbourne band making headlines is Merchant. These guy's are touring New Zealend in April and they regularly gig with the above mentioned bands.
Slow, down tuned, droned  song structures with melodic wah influenced lead breaks and eeeeevil singing, encapsulates why they are quickly growing a huge fan base in such a growing trend of music genre. Buy and listen to their music here or catch their next gig by following them here.


Doom, sludge, stoner, acid metal. What ever you want to call it? The above mentioned bands have you covered and it seems to be steadily rising as a great live gig to watch and a genre to find your space.


Stories coming up - Upgrades to the App, We dive into the Hip Hop Artists of Africa, Bands from WA, Australia and Artists from UK and USA. So don't forget to download the App, upload your music or subscribing.

I don't normally jump right into a band as soon as I've heard them. I usually sit on the side lines for a while picking the crap out of their music. I usually envision a personality of the characters behind the music. whether they're egotistic, whether their attitudes far out way their talents. I blame all my years of listening to alternative music for this brazen attitude. It protects me from following and listening to over egotistical cheap rip offs and compromising musicians.

Kold Creature
Kold Creature

I am proud to admit that I felt an absolute opposite attitude when I heard Kold Creature for the first time. Enormously capitulating to the last note. Their tunes groove their way through to your melodic metal heart. (if you have one!). There technical prowess and their song writing abilities are phenomenal and I can't believe its happening in Brisbane, QLD. Only performing for a year and half they gel well whilst showcasing their groove/melodic metal which they harmonise with all instruments and vocals. It's finally great to hear a metal band not following the musical genre trend of the times. Uncompromising, their story goes a lot deeper then just being the band to watch in Brisbane. It turns out there's a whole list of characters and small businesses that have supported their cause and loving their local music scene whilst ready to commit in the time of need.


Album Art

Lets start with who's creating their brand and maybe you too can jump on the band wagon. Ukrainian artist Murashko Maxim (Dizago) was contacted by the band seeking unique artistry to best resemble the bands sound and artistic ideas. 13938292_1062106327218285_6667941155068472622_oSometimes it's difficult to be sourcing locally due to cost blowouts and little choice. I love how these lad's have trusted Murashko's designs and outsourced nationally to work together communally. Dizago_PORTFOLIO_KC_1What an amazing talented artist. Interested in getting your brand together why not pile on his work load and check out his website here. You can translate it easily by right clicking the page. It will showcase plenty of his art portfolio.


Album Recording

Some band members love music so much that they dive in all facets of the industry.

Whether it be promoting, recording or management.

Pulpitation Studios - Browns Plains, Brisbane.
Pulpitation Studios - Browns Plains, Brisbane.

It takes individuals like Chris Ross (the bands front man) to study mixing/recording for three years whilst opening a rehearsal studio business for the south side of Brisbane.
All this whilst being an accountant!1941406_594755687274325_1928293032_o
He dreams of one day moving away from the accounting gig to concentrate more on his studio business. The Kold Creature LP was recorded at his Pulpitation Studio. Chris offers rehearsal space, guitar tuition and studio recording. He'd love to hear from you and work with you. You can contact him directly via his website here or facebook page here.


An Event by Pulpitation Promotions
An Event by Pulpitation Promotions

Who needs promotion? Well, getting a strong hold into the music industry sucks balls sometimes. I think promotion is very important, they take the stress out of lining up gig's for you. They network whilst you write music and rehearse. It's even better to find promoters who believe intently on where you want to take the band and are willing to get on board. A lady dedicated to supporting the local music scene is Kelly Ross who manages Pulpitation Music Promotions. If you're chasing a gig or looking to support an act? She's definitely the right person to contact in Brisbane. Gaining momentum with fingers in the pies. You're in good hands and connecting with the right people if you want to expand around the eastern seaboard. Let Kelly help you find venues, meet other bands and reaching new audiences. Get in touch here.


Video Clips

If you think you've got a hit. Support it with a video clip. Every one has a budget in mind when it comes to creating a music video clip but this shouldn't deter your efforts in getting a quote. The logistics themselves can be a massive pain in the ass! It can take ALL day and even more if you want to get the right shots.

Mitchell Macrae
Mitchell Macrae

There's screen writing and editing first copies, second copies and visual effects. So much work goes on after holding the camera and taking the shots.  Kold Creature's video has 30,000 views and counting. With so much media these days and the attention spans of many, this is significant for a new band who locally play around Brisbane. The master mind behind it was Mitchell Macrae, Co-founder of Inner Lens, He freelances and has an eye for making music video's. So if you like the video clip get in touch with him here.

That pretty much wraps it up. Kold Creature are writing another full length album whilst touring around the southern Queensland area and are ready for bookings. Definitely a band that have their fingers on the pulse and I'm sure they'd love to hear from you. They have their music selling in digital format here and plenty of other merchandise like CD's, shirts, patches and stubbie coolers here.

Album for Sale
Album for Sale

Streamhear supports local music scenes. If  you want us to write about how you're helping it, we'd love to spread the word so get in contact. More stories on there way. More upgrades to help you find local music. Don't forget to download the app, upload your music or subscribing for an eBook ready for release shortly.