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You and I love creating and playing music. We are inspired  by so many bands, both classic and alternative. We get a buzz from playing live, meeting new audiences and sharing our experiences.


Unwilling to compromise our sound for local radio play, unable to afford a tour around the country, or out of the reach of music industry representatives, we have learned that the most important things when performing live is being seen and listened to by our local music community. Our local listeners consist of friends, local music punters, and travelers interested in music scenes. They are the ones in search for local, original, new and independent music. This is what helps to create an idea which is conceived in a rehearsal room to grow into a celebrated and recognised local sound.


To be frank, I am bored of our music giants turning such a plethora of artists into an undecipherable mass of commercial sound. I am angered by music industry leaders whose attitudes no longer represent the little guy, and I am disheartened to witness how big industry dollars are puppeteering leading music Apps. This is why I created Streamhear - to bring the power back to the communities so that they are in charge of finding local music. Streamhear broadcasts according to the communities' tastes and allows them to connect with the bands and artists who want nothing more than to represent their own.


Users can search, scan and listen to new music and find gig's from any band in any location, irrespective of its size, proximity or isolation. It is my hope that more users and artists will jump on board when they discover that the App places all the power, decisions and influences on the users. Artists must not impress any one of a select few "representatives", but must turn the heads of each individual user if they wish to boost their broadcast.


If talent is on the streets, why not look there? Come share my vision to create a free, independent broadcast for all local music.








"No matter what culture we're from, everyone loves music."

Billy Joel


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