Our Story.


We are a small team of passionate music lovers who played music together. We want more people to be there at our gigs and we also love heading out in search and support of our local music scenes. No matter where we travel. We are the ones that are in search of that special vibe and special feeling we love to call a local music community. We are the collectors of all independent music things.


Where we came from?


This unique idea was born in a rehearsal room from a bad situation 2 years ago in Darwin NT. My band like so many others had no direct way of communicating with travellers and local’s about our gigs or the new songs we have produced. We realised there weren't really helpful tools to turn new audiences to our music.  We felt like we’re constantly stabbing in the dark to get new real followers. We weren’t promoters, we weren’t managers, we were music makers and that’s all we cared about.

We came up with a concept where local musicians could communicate directly to there local communities, share their new music and promote themselves without the cornered influence of this current age. Needing to place this unique concept in digital form it was off to Melbourne to source some of the smartest brainiacs to put the idea in a solid mobile app.


Where we're at?


2017 Communicator Award.

We now employ people, Yay! We have won an award for best music app and we are now moving forward with our best idea yet.

Just Launched our new Gig Finder feature. We proudly bring more passionate listeners to your gig and help them find it easily.   We are creating an online music community for engaging conversation about the music industry and future ideas of StreamHear. We are regularly writing about new and upcoming artists, new music promoters and advertising local businesses to support their local music scenes.


Where to from here?


Currently beta testing for Android and changing the shape of the Streamhear idea to best suit our listeners and local artists. After all, it would be nothing without them. Keep making it a better product for you. We want to see a music scene living or being reborn. Venues are joining into whether it’s a park or pub. Without them, we’d have no music scene, no culture. So we have definitely thought about them in our next phase of Streamhear. It’s important we listen to you to research, test and create a better product to suit your needs and not ours. It’s about creating a self-sustaining music scene where society can grow with and channel its direction. Allowing the users to generate a popular song not because it was pushed onto them but because they connected and established a relationship through music toward the band or artists.

"No matter what culture we're from,
everyone loves music."

Billy Joel

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Made In Melbourne